I hated Les Miserable!

I’ve just come back from the cinema and I’m disappointed. I have been waiting to see Les Mis since I saw the trailer back in December. I was actually excited to see the film, I’ve never seen the stage show so didn’t know what to expect in terms of story line. I used to be in a choir when I was at school and we sang some of the songs which I loved. I was looking forward to hearing them again intertwined with a passionate love story and a dramatic revolution.

Unfortunately this isn’t actually whats on offer.


The first bit is pretty dramatic, this lady gets sacked from her job as a factory worker as she has a child who’s actually being brought up by another couple or something and the next thing you know she’s sold her hair, a tooth and has become a prostitute all on the same day.

Then a guy turns up and she tells him about her daughter and he promises to look after her. The lady dies.


By this stage I realise they ARE going to sing every single line whether its necessary or not. I know it’s a musical but come on…every single word?


This mystery guy goes looking for the child (Courgette) and luckily she is being looked after by Ali G…otherwise I might have fallen asleep by now already.

He takes Courgette and time skips forward 8 years.


Courgette is now a young lady she sees a young guy in the street. They are in love. That night he goes to see her and it turns out that another lady, who is Ali G’s daughter also loves this guy and she’s a bit distraught. Anyway in the background the mystery man who took Courgette has been on the run for about 20 years from Russell Crowe for stealing a bread roll decides that it’s time to move on.


The revolution starts and I start to think it’s about to get exciting. The young guy is part of the Revolution which involves about 20 people and some wardrobes aka The Barricade.

I can’t remember why but the mystery man looking after Courgette decides to join in too.

They get smashed and the mystery man carries young guy away. This part of the film is the only part that stirred an emotion in me, unfortunately for me this was the part where I thought I was going to vomit popcorn violently all over the cinema.

They escape via a sewer, a very shitty sewer.


Courgette and her man get wed, mystery man dies I think. All the dead people from the film are in the last bit which only lasts a minute or so and is actually how I imagined the actual revolution to be.

I am super relieved the film is over but the rest of the audience starts clapping like American’s. Whats that all about?? On the plus side I have a new found respect for Mary Poppins…



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