I was glad to get home yesterday.

Two things happened yesterday, both weren’t very nice and I wasn’t happy with the way I handled either. The first thing happened on the train from Pontypool to Cardiff. When I got o the train it was fairly empty with lots of spare seats so was surprised when a man came and sat next to me. As we approached Newport I could see lots of people stood on a bridge. I had almost forgotten it was rememberance day. I was listening to the radio and the guy next to me was reading from his smart phone. I happened to glance down and noticed he was reading arabic. I know its terrible but my imagination went crazy. In that moment I was convinced he was a suicide bomber and the bomb was planned for the minutes silence.

There was an announcement on the train at 11 for the train to hold a minutes silence. I wished I’d got off at Newport and was convinced that I was about to be splattered. I started to cry, not blubbering but I couldn’t stop the tears.

When I got to Cardiff (obviously unharmed!) I had to go and pick Daisy up from Jon’s. I hadn’t been to his house before so he texted me bad directions. I noticed when I got on the bus that we weren’t heading to a very affluent area. When I got off the bus I was walking down the street when I noticed a woman run out on the road in front of cars. She then approached me and asked me for help. She said her TV was broken and she needed help. I said I wasn’t very good with electrical things and couldn’t help. She was very persistant and I was aware that it was more than the TV bothering her. She seemed unhinged and when she wandered off I felt relieved.

When I got further down the street I passed a Salvation Army building and thought to myself that I could have taken her there if I had known where I was and felt terrible that I didn’t try to help her.

I got to Jon’s house and saw the familiar bags of empty cans outside the house. There must have been 6-8 bin bags full. He tried to cover up by saying that it was about a months worth and they just hadn’t put the bins out.


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