What have I done?

I have been very silly and signed up for a half marathon. I don’t think I have ever been fit in all my life. When I was about 17 I signed up for a 5k, me and my cousin Matt went jogging in preparation and during one of our ‘jogs’ we stopped half way to get some chips! I mostly walked on the big day and the did a sorry little sprint at the end.

Week one and week two of my half marathon training went really well. I increased the distance each time and managed 3.2 miles last Sunday. That is my best attempt yet. Tuesday I struggled for 2.5 miles and yesterday just about managed 3.

I hate jogging, I hate being hot and I hate being out of breath. I also hate aching. I saw an old skinny friend last night who’s into jogging and going to the gym. She did a half marathon last month and it took her 3.5 hours! It’s going to take me all day…

I’m trying to get my dog to jog nicely with me. In the week in work someone said it’s not fair to take dogs jogging because they only have little legs. My dog loves to run and would run for miles, just not in one direction. She yanks me about every time she see’s a dog or a squirrel and drags me through muddy puddles just for the fun of it. There aren’t enough hours in the day to walk her and jog separately.

My last annoyance is music. I don’t know whats more annoying:

a) Having my head phones fall out every 2 seconds

b) Having a random song pop into my head out of no where and loop in my head aka Phil Collins – Easy lover / Kiss –  I was made for loving you???

I will get myself some over the head earphones at some point.



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