What’s your opinion on luck?

If I win something / something goes well for me I always think it’s down to luck. But I also believe that everything balances out. Obviously I must lose / have things go wrong too. If the bus turns up just as I get to the bus stop I’m secretly a bit gutted because I think I’ve used some of my good luck up on something no where near as good as winning the euro millions!

When I look at my life I don’t think I’ve ever managed to balance everything going well for long. At the moment I have started what seems an excellent job with an organisation which has been named one of the top ten employers in the UK. I am thriving in the office and everyone is singing my praises. They are giving me two hours a week to go to Welsh lessons which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Also in my appraisal which also went brilliantly I asked about studying an accountancy qualification. The Finance Director was delighted and has suggested I train to become a chartered accountant. The only down-side is my direct line manager is a nightmare. She is dis-organised, rude, doesn’t listen, has childish strops and seems unwilling to learn. So that’s all balanced out there – great job / nightmare boss.

Other aspects are money, home, friends, family and love. You can’t have all of those going swimmingly at once. Have you ever noticed that when you are skint – everything breaks around the house or the car is being an idiot, you are also somehow flavour of the month and get invited to everything. As soon as get paid / replace all the broken things you don’t hear from anyone? My family are now aware that things are not going well with Jon so I am getting lots of messages / contact from family at the moment. Although that’s more natural.

The one I honestly find most frustrating is when things go wrong around the house. This week my boiler broke, it’s been very cold and I have found it horrible. But almost to make up for it I win a bottle of wine and £13.10 on the euromillions!


One way of dealing with this I suppose is to have the mantra “everything happens for a reason”. I do go along with this up to a point, I do not understand how my boiler breaking in chilly November will actually lead to anything else. Unless the landlord on receipt of the plumbers bill suddenly remembers he hasn’t raised the rent in 3.5 years.


2 thoughts on “What’s your opinion on luck?

  1. My mother always said don’t jinx yourself when things are going well. Like don’t say, I haven’t had problems with my car in a long time, or the kids have been very healthy lately. According to her, expressing your good fortune (verbally or even possibly just thinking it) guarantees an expensive car repair or a round of explosive stomach flu will visit your house. Not sure I believe that. Sometimes life just sucks and then it doesn’t. But yes, everything does break down at once. That’s a universal law.

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