Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training
Running Walking
Week 1
Tuesday 23/10/2012 Run 1.5 mins, walk 1.5 mins x 6 9 9 18 Complete
Wednesday 24/10/2012 Run 3 mins, walk 2 x 4 12 8 20 Complete
Thursday 25/10/2012 Run 4 mins, walk 2 mins x 4 16 8 24
Friday 26/10/2012 Rest
Saturday 27/10/2012 Run 5 mins, walk 2 mins x 4 20 8 28
Sunday 28/10/2012 Rest

I decided the on Monday to join my cousin in trying to complete a half marathon. I’ve been meaning to get back into some form of exercise for a while now, but with looking after the dog I don’t really have time. But I’m out walking anyway so I thought why not try jogging. Going ok so far, as you can see above I did myself a little spreadsheet.

The last time I blogged I was definately a woman scorned. I had a text from the no show man on the Saturday apologising. He said he got too drunk and fell asleep. I think I’ve had quite enough of that! I texted back No Worries.

Last Friday night I went over my cousins for tea and Jon had the dog for me. I have never been close with this particular cousin, but she’s moved in just down the road into student halls so she invited me over. I’ve never felt so different from someone in all my life. I get on with her Mum really well and used to go to lunch regularly with her before I moved down here. Her daughter is an only child, she is very well brought up, went to private school and is into skiing and sailing.

I can moan with the best of them but she out-did me. She talked about her flatmates like they were peasant scum. She described a night out in town like how I would describe having my toe-nails ripped off. But the thing that really got on my wick was her constant talk about money. I enjoyed the food and then went home for an early night.

The next day I met Jon in the park to pick up Daisy. I was completely amazed when I saw him. He looked so much more healthy. He has given up drinking and it really shows. He showed me his hands which had started to permanently tremble and they were steady. I asked him if he wanted to go for a cup of tea in the park cafe and we chatted more easily than we have done in a long time. It was really nice to spend time with him. He said he’s taking each day as it comes and is booked into see a counsellor on the 30th October. I don’t want to think too much, deep down I know I’m ot over him and I have always wanted him to snap out it. But I can’t get my hopes up just yet. Time will tell.


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