Plenty more fish in the sea

Last night was a low point for me. So this guy who I met last week had been in touch this week and I thought that was really cool. As the week wore on I began to grow impatient. We were messaging back and forth and I got to the stage where I thought I’d just met a friend. I really wanted him to ask me out but it wasn’t going anywhere. Then yesterday afternoon I got a text “if you fancy a trip into town tonight then let me know?”. So I got all excited. I replied back “sounds good to me”.

I went upstairs to get ready and was really looking forward to meeting this guy again. He text me again to say let me know when your ready. So I text back when I was and asked where were we meeting?

Then nothing…

An hour or so went by and I was all ready to go out and was waiting by the phone. I wanted to know what was happening, I wanted to ring but didn’t want to look desperate. So in the end I texted ‘did you still want to go out?’.

More nothing…

I’m totally pissed off now. Why would anyone do that? It happened when me and Jon were first seeing each other. He had messaged in the week asking if I wanted to go out on Saturday night. I spent all day getting ready to go out and spent all afternoon chatting to my Auntie Dawn about it and how excited I was. I didn’t want to seem too keen and left it until around 7pm to get in touch and ask where we were meeting. When he answered the phone he was already out in the pub with his friends assuming I didn’t want to go out.

I was a little bit annoyed and then he said something like well I thought you weren’t interested or you would have been in touch by now. You can meet me at the pub if you want? You’ve had your chance I thought and went slightly overdressed to my friends house instead.

I suppose if this guy is a wanker then it’s best to find out sooner rather than later but I really bloody wanted to go out last night. I’m guessing I know what happened. He was out watching the football, so I’m assuming that the night was quiet when he first text and then by the time I was ready it wasn’t so quiet.

I’m kicking myself because I knew I wasn’t ready for all this, I’m still quite mixed up about Jon. He has been in touch this week to say that he has been to the Dr’s. He has been signed off work and had been referred to an addiction unit. He called them and they are writing out to him with an appointment and the waiting list could be up to 4 weeks.

I do miss him a lot and am so glad he’s recognised the problem and is trying to get help.

This useless guy did help distract me from what’s going on with Jon just briefly and as they say, there’s plenty more fish in the sea…


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