What a great weekend

What I thought was going to be the worst weekend ever turned out fine in the end. I went out yesterday and achieved smashed drunk with friends and then with some travelling Australians. The last part of the night is a bit of a blur but I do remember meeting someone. He is tall, good looking, has his own place in the city centre and has a good job. I’m not looking to go straight into being someone’s girlfriend or anything but it was really nice to be chatted up by a normal person.

When I met Jon I didn’t even have a mobile phone, facebook didn’t exist and Jon didn’t have the internet. This guy asked me for my number and added me as a friend on facebook. I think its a bit wierd, facebook can tell you so much about a person straight away. Such as when their birthday is. I’m going to make a confession now, I looked up whether our star signs were compatible.

I don’t usually read horoscopes but I do think there is something in the personality traits described of star signs. I’m a Taurus and a lot of the stuff that’s said about Taurus makes sense to me. Well, this guy is a Cancer and from what I’ve read it’s all good news.

I don’t know if this guy will be in touch at all, I will probably shit myself if he does. It’s only been just over a month since Jon and I broke up so I definitely wasn’t looking to meet anyone. But if he does contact me I would like to see him again.

I’ve been to see a house this evening and I got on really well with the guy who lives there, the house is nice and the room is good. It’s not far from where I live now so should be really easy to move my stuff to. The room is free from the 15th of November which gives me time to hand my notice in here. I want to see one more house which is closer to where I work but in a rougher area. But deep down I know which one I’ll prefer so will contact him in the week.


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