Some People P*ss Me Off

I’m sorry you’ve asked me several times. I’m not anti dog but they cannot work in houseshares as many people have allergies and therefore I cannot consider you.
Best wishes,
Either he has put the ad up several times or he is exaggerating just a bit. I’ve only been looking since last Tuesday, I got off to a flying start with three positive responses and then nothing. I understand that a dog would not be suitable for all houses but there that message just p*ssed me off.
I need to sort something out pretty quickly now, Jon is moving this Friday and the rent is only paid up until the 20th. So only 19 days left. I’m glad I don’t believe in God sometimes because if I did I would be pretty annoyed a lot of the time.
Even though I am in a bad mood today I did have a fantastic weekend. I spent time with friends drinking lots of wine, munching tasty food and I laughed so hard I cried…in a good way.
Jon has gone to his new house tonight, he seems to be really happy to be going. My ego is taking a real battering at the moment. The only person who seems to be upset about this is his Mum. I sort of overheard a conversation the other day, it seemed his Mum was telling him how he’s getting on a bit and he was getting annoyed. When he got off the phone he came to tell me that she would like to stay in touch and she thinks of me like a Daughter. I feel bad that I haven’t been able to talk to her and even though I joke about her ways the truth is she has been very supportive over the years.
I haven’t actually told my own Mother yet, she knows something is wrong because when she came to visit last Saturday I told her it wasn’t a good time and shut the door. I had someone around viewing the house so it was pretty awkward timing.
If I’m honest I’m annoyed she didn’t call or message me later on to see if I was alright. I haven’t seen her since the first week of September. I often go weeks without talking to her. I never went one week without catching up with Jon’s Mum. I’m sure the only reason my Mum visits me is because I live conveniently close to where she likes to go to Bingo. She lives 30 minutes away but I only ever see her for half an hour while she waits for the bus on a Saturday afternoon. When / If?? I ever move from here I’m sure I’ll only see her at Christmas.

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