Happy House Hunting

Well, I’ve been to see the two houses and I definitely have a favourite. The first house is a twenty minute walk from work. The area is pretty rough, but not the roughest. The house was nice, the garden was fairly big and the room was nice. I could bring some of my furniture and the guy seemed alright. There is an American girl living there for three months and then he will be looking for someone else, so three people altogether.

The second house was about a twenty minute walk from where I live now and was super studenty. The house was TINY! It was the same size as my two bedroom house but they had squeezed a third bedroom out of one of the reception rooms. There would be two couples living there and of course the resident rabbit. The bunny has free reign of the garden which is the biggest problem. I was thinking it would be difficult to have a rabbit in a hutch with Daisy around but there is no way on earth is she going to leave a loose bunny alone.

There is another house I am going to see on Sunday, really speaking if either of the non bunny houses say they want me I will bite their hands off.

I got really nervous going to the houses and I find it really uncomfortable. I had a couple of questions to ask but find it hard to find things to say. I will try and arrange as many viewings as I can to try and ensure I do find somewhere but I hope I wont be looking for long.


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