Feeling nervous

Well, today is the day I try to find a new home for Daisy and I. I am really nervous about it. I feel like I’m going to a job interview, but worse. Having people come to my house was different, I was a little bit nervous that they might be some kind of nutter but it was fine. It’s different going into someone else’s home. I’m going to see my preferred place first and then onto the house with a resident rabbit. I had another reply yesterday too, so I’ll call them today and try and see that one at the weekend. I’m so surprised by these responses as last time all I got was no’s.

I was supposed to be going to stay with my friend this Saturday night but her boiler has broken. She’s trying to get it fixed today but asked if it can’t be fixed can she come to mine. I spoke to Jon about staying at his sisters but he doesn’t see why he should. Whatever happens I am having a big drink this weekend.


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