Positivity is the way forward

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Earlier today I sent a rather whingey email to my friend and they said they were sure that there was bound to be a house-share out there who would accept a dog. When I got home from work today I got on the case.

I have looked before and I didn’t get one single response. Within in hour tonight I had two positive replies and am going to look at two houses on Thursday.

One house is right in the middle of student land and they also have a resident rabbit. I’m not too sure about this one if I’m honest. Daisy is the sweetest dog in the world (if you ask me) but I really don’t know what she would be like around a rabbit. When I lived at home we had two dogs and a rabbit and the dogs never went anywhere near the rabbit. The rabbit was the fiesty one. I’m not sure about Daisy though.

The second house is much closer to where I work and is the more promising one for me I hope.

I told Jon what my new plans were earlier and we spoke briefly about our current house and it’s contents. The only problem with both of us moving into furnished places is that we have a lot of furniture to deal with. Nothing is really worth selling, I will have to try it all out on Gumtree or Freecycle. I do have a washing machine which is pretty new which I’m going to have to find somewhere to store and a fridge freezer which is worth hanging onto. I’d really like to keep my living room furniture if I can and am not keen to let my sofa go.

I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it. I’m going to stay with my friend this Saturday and then Sunday I am going to have to start sorting through my stuff. It’s lucky I have been showing people around as I have already had one major declutter. Packing and moving house is my worst nightmare. I was so excited to move to Cardiff but the effort it took to actually pack everything and move it all was monstrous.

Even with that horrible thought in mind I am feeling much more positive now, still a long way to go but positivity is the way forward!


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