Monday Blues

With it being the first weekend of the students being back in town, I had a rotten night sleep last night. I also couldn’t help but despair about what the future held. I seriously can’t afford this house on my own even for just one month. I thought through all the potential options…

1. Become a part-time prostitute (extreme I admit, but I did think it!)

2. Call the estate agents, explain the situation and ask them to consider lowering the rent temporarily while I find someone else or ask them to find me a housemate. (The lowering the rent probably has less chance than hell freezing over).

3. Let the house go and try to find a house-share that accepts pets (near enough impossible).

4. Give the dog to either Jon or someone else which would allow me to find a place to live relatively easy.

5. Tell Jon this is all one big mistake and try to make him stay with me (seriously, I cannot do this)

The fourth option upset me so much and reduced me to full on tears, worse than at any point during this break-up which is awful. I am so attached to my dog and can’t imagine not having her in my life. When I was travelling home from work on the bus I started thinking about the situation again and an enormous lump formed in my throat. I was dangerously close to tears but managed to shake it off.

I still have just under two weeks to find someone. I forgot my mobile today so checked it when I got in. I had a message from a lady who also has a small dog and wants to talk about the possibility of moving in. I really, really hope that this is the answer to my prayers.


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