Fourth even less potential housemate

Yesterday I welcomed the fourth potential housemate into my home. It started off great, he made a fuss of Daisy and she was much better behaved than with the others. The two and half hour walk beforehand paid off!

The only problem was this guy could not give me eye contact, preferring an alternative view. He was around 21 and had recently finished a degree in film studies. He has a job in Manchester and is looking for work in Cardiff. He is no great rush to move either. When he left I put another ad up and lowered the rent by £30 a month.

Looking at other ads mine does cost slightly more but then I know my area is good compared to some of the other places on offer and the bills are only split two ways. The problem is the area I live in is not well known, it’s neither super posh or notoriously rough. I have been trying to sell the area as it is the best thing about where I live but I am not a natural salesperson.

When I first came to Cardiff I had an idea that I wanted to live in Roath and this house was just one that Jon had arranged to go and see. It was only when we had seen the rotten, tiny places in Roath I even gave this place a second thought. Then when I had moved in I realised how good it was for getting around. The traffic over in Roath is horrendous. This is my ad, I don’t know exactly how much more I can say:

Room for rent, from October 6th. The house is a two bedroom terrace located just off North Road. It’s a 5 minute walk to Beautiful Bute Park. The Heath Hospital, Maindy Leisure Centre, Tesco Extra and Whitchurch Road are in walking distance and its about 20-25 minute walk to the City Centre. Just 2 minutes to the bus stop which gives easy access to the City Centre and has routes to the valleys. Also easy access to the M4. 

The house is fully furnished and has a living room (sky plus), dining room and kitchen (with washing machine, oven and fridge freezer), a small garden and a bathroom. Broadband is included in the bills, Telephone is available but not calls not included within the rent / bills. Parking is available with a parking permit. 
I have a small dog so must be happy to live with her; she is house-trained and very friendly. 
I’m 24, friendly, female and I work full-time Monday to Friday. I’m pretty quiet and laid-back. I like to go out at weekends but would be respectful. 
The rent including bills will be £320 pcm, deposit is also £320. 

Jon stayed at his sisters on Friday night and he came home yesterday evening. I was glad he had gotten out of the house, it’s been hard having him sit around depressed and drinking. He had been given a lot of advice from his sister and her boyfriend. The main bit being – you have to cut off all contact.

What he has suggested is that when he works from home, I take the dog around and he will look after her for me. Well at first I thought this was a terrible idea. But then I thought I was being unfair on the dog, we got her on the basis that she wouldn’t be left in the house all week on her own because Jon would be around. I want to at least try this idea out first before dismissing it.

His sister thought this was ridiculous and told him that after a week or so the dog will have totally forgotten who he is anyway.

He hasn’t even left yet and I am dreading the day when he goes. It’s going to be so hard adjusting to being on my own for the first time in over eight years. But I am not using the dog as an opportunity to stay in touch with him. I don’t believe we will ever get back together again. If this could have been sorted, I would have tried but it can’t.

In my limited experience break-ups can be harsh and painful. My parents break-up was horrendous. There was so much anger on both sides. But with me and Jon there is just sadness.

A friend of mine is getting divorced…I found out via facebook. He had posted something on her wall along the lines of ‘you cheating, dirty, scrubber bitch. I hope your proud of yourself ruining our family blah blah blah’. She replied with ‘find someone else who will let you hit them’. I was pretty stunned. With this couple I would imagine that cutting off all contact is the right thing to do. But in all honesty this hate is not what I’m feeling right now.

I can’t think on anything worse than posting things like that all over facebook for people like me to go ooohh OMG and worse.

We have stayed together long after the love was gone and have in reality been living as friends for some time now. We are both hurting but not in the way we would have been a few years ago. I don’t know whats going to happen, we’ll have to wait and see.


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