Third not very much potential housemate

Well I’ve had a third person around to view the house. Daisy behaved slightly better with this one. This time I didn’t like the person. She asked about 50 times does the dog have rabies. I replied no, she’s been vaccinated and has flea and worming treatment every month over and over again. This didn’t stop her though, then she asked ‘has she ever been bitten by a dog with rabies’?

Losing patience I got the laptop out and did a google search on rabies, it doesn’t exist in the UK anymore. I showed her around the house and told her about the area. She ended with ‘to be honest I really want to live in Riverside or Grangetown’. I don’t live anywhere near Riverside or Grangetown…thank god!

I have two more people coming this weekend, I really hope that one of them just takes the room as I’m getting a bit fed up of this now. As long as they pay the rent I couldn’t care less who I live with, it couldn’t be any worse than the current occupant.


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