Revenge is…

letting a dog chew on sticks in your bed.

I haven’t heard from the second potential housemate so am considering re-advertising at a slightly lower cost. I have less than three weeks left to find someone so I need to act now. Well tomorrow realistically!

Jon was a bit annoyed I asked him to move in with his sister for two weeks. He called her Sunday night and spent an hour bitching at the top of his voice about me. He claimed the moral high ground over letting me keep the furniture – all the furniture belongs to me, apart from the bedroom furniture which I’ve said he can take (the wardrobe still hasn’t been assembled even though we have been in the house three years!). He isn’t looking for a new relationship and will just go on the fuckbuddies website and It all came out of the blue apparently and he has no idea why I’m doing this.

He hasn’t been to work for two days and yesterday I came home to find about 10 billion pieces of chewed up wood on my bed. “I think the dog took a twig in your bedroom” he said with a smirk on his face.

I really hoped that this week would be the last week but I don’t know now. My best friend is back from her holidays so I will hopefully catch up with her this weekend. I need a big drink and a night away from all this crap.


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