Second potential housemate

I spent all day cleaning and left the spare bedroom until last. I had asked Jon to clean it and I had heard the hoover earlier in the day so I had assumed that is what he had done. Half hour before the girl arrived I popped my head around the door just to check it was OK and I was hit by a waft of smoke. He had been chain smoking in there all day. I quickly opened the window and started spraying air freshner around like it was going out of fashion.

I couldn’t believe it. He looked at me like he hadn’t done anything wrong. I told him to go out, I didn’t want him here while I was doing the viewing. He wanted something and I told him it was in the drawer by his bed. A couple of minutes later I hear him banging around upstairs. When I asked him what he was doing he said he was looking in the drawers. He was in my room looking in the drawers. He left shortly after and I just led down at the top of the landing exhausted.

The girl arrived with her Mum and she seemed lovely. She was from London and first of all assumed that the living room would be her room so was very pleased when I took her upstairs to the actual room. The dog was near enough psychotic but she didn’t seem phased and thought she was cute. Even when the psychotic one was practically head butting the back door to come in.

She liked the bathroom which to be fair is big and liked the location. She will be studying at the Heath Hospital which is only a ten minute walk from the house. The only problem was she needs the room from next Sunday as she starts next Monday.

I only have two more people to view the house and both of them are male. Now I don’t think its really an issue if I live with a male but deep down I think I’d prefer a female as its only a 2 bedroom house.

When Jon got back I explained the predicament. I asked him if he would consider staying with his sister for two weeks until he can move into his new house. Just take clothes and bits to his sisters and then the rest of the stuff can stay until he moves properly to his new house.

He didn’t seem keen on the idea as he hasn’t told his sister yet what has happened but he agreed to give her a call. He said something like ‘from my point of view I would prefer if you lived with a female’. About half an hour later he came to me and said he couldn’t get through to his sister. He suggested that for the two weeks inbetween he move back into my bedroom.

My response was short NO. He said nothing would happen and it’s only two weeks. I told him exactly – two weeks, anyone would have you to stay for two weeks.

I will be so glad when this is over.


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