Well the first …

Well the first potential housemate didn’t work out in the end, so by Monday I was starting to stress out a little bit. Jon was due to move out this weekend so I was counting on her to take the room. Tuesday he told me he couldn’t move until 6th October. Phew! I didn’t say anything and went out with the dog for a walk. When I got back he asked if this was going to mess things up with the girl due to move in. I was honest and said I think she’s found somewhere else she hasn’t been in touch since last week. He said not to worry and that he was prepared to pay the rent up until the end of October if needs be or until I find a new housemate. This threw me a little bit.

I started thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that he thinks this is all just a motion and once he’s gone I will miss him which is true in some ways and that he will be back…which isn’t. Add in the fact he doesn’t want to move all of his belongings I won’t fall over with his kind gesture.

He stopped drinking on Saturday, then Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. For me actions speak far louder than words and I started to think that he had woken up to the reality. Last night though I heard the familiar pop of a can opening and the same again tonight. I am definitely doing the right thing. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

I went out with a great friend last Friday night. It was one of them nights where I text about 6pm just to ask if he fancied a drink. Within 30 mins I was sat waiting at the pub. Before I knew it we were being asked to leave as we were holding  them up from closing. It must have been late because even the Chinese was closed when I got home. I talked through what had happened and what had been going on and the more I do this the more I realise I cannot change my mind. I have got to put myself first and I must try something new. I’ve been stuck in a rut for so long now that I had started to think that everything was normal. It’s not that I want to meet someone new, I don’t. The thought scares me.

Yesterday I had three people get in touch and two are viewing this weekend and one next weekend so hopefully one of them will work out. Once all that’s sorted then I can relax and look forward to my whole new life!

Work has been good, I think I’m settling in nicely. The office is nice, the people are great and the work is straightforward enough. The atmosphere and attitude is totally different to my previous place. The day is different and more relaxed, most days I’ve got in before 9am and then during the morning we have gone for breakfast down the canteen. I must admit I’ve started going out for cigarette breaks through boredom as the workload is fairly light at the moment. So one in the morning and one in the afternoon. When someone asks you if you want tea, they don’t mean – would you like me to make a cup? They mean do you physically want to go with them for a cup of tea. I was wondering why it was taking people so long to make my tea!

There is an event tomorrow which I’ve volunteered to take part in. The Senydd is hosting a homecoming event for the Welsh athletes who took part in the Olympics and Paralympic’s. The volunteers were required to chaperone the athletes through the building and look after them. Unfortunately as I’m still learning my way around I couldn’t do that role. I’ve been told today though that I will be at the private indoor event helping out so I should get to see all the athletes there. I am pretty excited now, I think the event should be fantastic. A lot of thought and effort has gone into it and it’s nice to be part of a celebration. I’ve been loaned a smart suit to wear and I’ve just been out to buy some comfy flat shoes as there will be lots of standing around I imagine. I hope to smuggle my phone in and take some cheeky photo’s if I can! I did say I was scared of meeting anyone new, but if a handsome athlete wants to take me out on a date….


2 thoughts on “Well the first …

  1. Go for it hun! Its the last little bit that is the hardest but at least you are doing it the right way, not like I did, and ran away. Sounds like you have settled in well into your job! 😀 Also, If you cant find anyone…come live with me? 😀 xxx

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