First Potential Housemate

Well I’ve had someone around to view the house, the dog was nuts for the whole time she was here. She seemed lovely and stayed to chat for about an hour. She has a job in Welsh Government and is 26. She has a dog too which will be nice company for Daisy.

I did think that Jon wasn’t taking me seriously at first but I think he is now. He’s gone to see a house this evening and I’m hoping he will make arrangements to move soon. He has ideas about leaving all his crap at my house. I’ve told him it all has to go, if he doesn’t take it then I then it will all have to go in the shed or be thrown out.

These last couple of days have definitely confirmed to me that I am doing the right thing. He has carried on drinking non-stop. He would very much rather drink himself stupid than deal with his problem. I asked him when he was going back to work and he said he has booked the whole week off. I hope that he uses the next few days to sort through his stuff but I won’t hold my breath.

Once I had shown her around the house I got really stuck for questions. Here are the questions I had prepared to ask. She did answer some of them without me remembering to ask any of the questions:

  • When would you want to move? She has somewhere for this week and then she is going back home for the weekend, so anytime after that. I couldn’t confirm when the room was available exactly but said it would definitely be this month.
  • How long would you be planning on staying? Forgot to ask
  • Have you had experience living in share house(s) before? Forgot to ask
  • Where are you from originally? She is from Mid Wales
  • Do you have any hobbies or interests?  Forgot to ask
  • Would your family / friends ever want to visit or stay with us? She might have a friend to stay every once in a while
  • Would you describe yourself as energetic or laid-back? Forgot to ask
  • Do you consider yourself a neat person? Forgot to ask
  • Do you like to go out at the weekends, would you go out during the week? We spoke at length about going out in Cardiff but she doesn’t drink during the week.
  • Do you have any special dietary requirements, medical conditions or religious beliefs? I did ask if she was a vegetarian and she’s not
  • Do you have a criminal record or do any drugs? I did ask if she did drugs and she doesn’t
  • Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend? She has a boyfriend back home in Mid Wales
  • What work and hours do you do? Full time at Welsh Government
  • Do you want to bring furniture? She has two wardrobes and a double bed. Not going to fit but I did show her all the storage that is already in the house.

She’s going to let me know by the end of this week, I hope she says yes. I don’t want to end up living with 50 year old Jose!


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