I am sad!

It was my last day in my now old job today and I am so sad. I started at WCVA just over two years ago. Before I started I had been in a job which I hated which was a long way from home. I was unhappy and I let the job affect me.

WCVA couldn’t have been more different to my previous job. First of all the office is based in Cardiff Bay which is beautiful. The hours were great – 35 per week with flexi time arrangements. The work was inspiring, I funded voluntary groups in the most deprived area’s in Wales. Best of all though was the people I worked with.

I had worked with good people before but they were usually in the minority. I started on the same day as another girl Kim. We got on brilliantly and when she left I was gutted. We had gone through all our training together, we went to lunch everyday and she helped me by coming to weight-watchers where I managed to lose 4 stone and 1 lb to achieve a healthy BMI. Kim left and I felt like a little lost soul. She was only covering maternity leave and so I met Lisa who was back from having a baby. We got on like a house on fire and around the same time I started going to lunch with Rhys.

Out of everyone I would regard Rhys as my best friend. I can’t explain why I even like him, I just do. I think he reminds me of my brother Liam or more the relationship I have with Liam. Me and Rhys were like brother and sister in the office, always like cat and dog about something or other but then I would never have a bad word said about him. No one could get away with saying the things Rhys said to me and vice versa. I really can’t describe it, he just listened to me bitch on about one thing or another and always gave advice I would ignore. I am going to miss him so much. I told him when I was drunk last week but I don’t know whether he listened to any of it. I am enjoying the wine I was given as part of my leaving gifts right now and listening to all the songs Rhys would play in the office. I used to complain about most of it but one of the songs he played this week was Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Partiro. I have listened to that song about 10 times tonight and it has made me cry like a baby.

Then came along Simon and Jon who were really lovely. I really like Simon and Jon and hope that we can keep in touch. I was really touched by what they both said to me when I said I was leaving.

It was like one big family.

Helen was my Mum, Mike was Daddy. Mark was the crazy uncle and Eleri and Rhia were the weird Aunties. Kim and Lisa were my sisters. Jon and Simon were my little brothers and Rhys was my big brother.

In my presentation today a lot was made of my ‘contagious laugh’ which I didn’t know I possessed! It is all down to the lovely, funny and intelligent people I worked with…

My new office has a lot to live up to!!!



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