Viva La Revolution…

15 August 2012

Sir Terry Leahy
Tesco PLC
New Tesco House
Delamare Rd


Dear Sir Terry,

I am writing to complain as a very regular customer of the Cardiff Bay Tesco express. I have been using this Tesco more or less every working day to purchase my lunch for over the last two years now. This has led me to acquire a taste for certain sandwiches.

Around the start of the Olympics there appeared to be a severe shortage of sandwiches. I had to try a sausage roll and the one day I had to have a tomato and cheese pasta pot. Every day I prayed for a new delivery of sandwiches.

It’s been three weeks now and my favourite sandwiches still haven’t been restocked. For your information my top three flavours are:

Tuna and cucumber (£1.35e)

  • Cheese and red onion (was £0.79, recently increased to £0.85)
  • Chicken and sweetcorn (£1.20)

I also liked the cheese and tomato flavour sandwich but it wasn’t in my top three, it was just a substitute if the others had run out. This option also appears to be discontinued.

I understand that there are other alternatives but unfortunately for me these are in the price range of £1.60+. If I spend £1.60+ on my sandwich daily, along with a packet of crisps then I am spending around £10.00 a week on lunch. I would like to continue justifying to myself that it costs just as much to make a sandwich as it does to buy one and at these prices I simply can’t do that anymore.

I am writing to appeal to you as Chief Executive of Tesco, I am sure that you can help with my problem. Please could you make my favourite sandwiches available in Tesco express Cardiff Bay again?

Yours Sincerely

Kayleigh Evans



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