The Mother-In-Law is Coming!!


As Jon would say I’ve been cleaning like a recent divorcee…every inch of this house has been cleaned, polished and hoovered with my new turbo head thingy within an inch of it’s life. But all is in vain you see as the dreaded Mother-in-Law is coming to stay. Every time she has stayed previously I’ve gone through the same routine of cleaning like mad in time for her arrival. Then when she arrives it’s not long at all before she’s got a hoover in her hand or the bleach is being sploshed about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no domestic Goddess by any means. But when someone comes to stay I do make an effort.

The other thing that has me in a tizz is my dog. MIL last came to stay last Christmas, Daisy dog was only 3 months old and to be quite honest was a complete pain in the arse. She was in the nipping faze and wouldn’t leave MIL alone. Every time MIL sat down the dog was there ready to pounce. She made MIL feel less than welcome and couldn’t have slept more than 5 minutes the whole week she was here. The only thing I could do to stop her from annoying MIL was to give her bones to play with. When MIL left at the first opportunity she got, she pissed all over the spare bed. Term of endearment??


The Daisy Devil Dog


Daisy dog is now 10 months old and is far better behaved but I’m still going to use the next three hours in the wisest possible way, I’m not going to spend it cleaning. I will be walking her little legs off in the hope she will resemble some kind of normal dog by dinnertime. I’m then going to cook Chicken Tagine, MIL won’t like it but I do.


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