I realise this is all my fault…

Well after I resigned from my job last week I decided to go out and celebrate Saturday night. I would share the photo’s but I can’t. We decided to go to Caerleon. The sun was shining in Cardiff so I put on shorts, flip-flops and my sunglasses and went to meet at my friends house. It wasn’t sunny at all in Newport. It was bloody freezing! But by the time we got out the sun had put his hat on and his mate breeze decided to hang around.

After deciding that I needed to be careful with my money this month I did something quite scabby. I took a bottle of wine in my hand bag for top ups. After my first £30 disappeared I claimed I had been robbed. I hadn’t, I had just drank £30 worth of booze. We stopped off in Newport for a drink and then headed to my home town of Cwmbran. It was one of those nights where we just ran around drinking in different places seeing who was about before moving on somewhere else. The last place we went to was Delilah’s which is as dodgy as it sounds.

By this stage we all wanted to dance so we decided to hide our handbags under a bench and hit the dance floor. When I went to buy another drink my handbag was gone. I burst out crying immediately and ran around trying to find it. My friend rang my mobile to see if we could get an answer but it was hopeless.

My somewhat dramatic reaction must have been noticed because about 5 minutes later some guy came over to tell me my bag might be in the men’s toilets. It was but not everything was in it. My camera had been taken out of the case, the second £30 was gone and my phone. I was relieved they didn’t take my cards but was still pretty much wailing like an idiot that someone could be so mean.

The bouncer came over to see what all the fuss was about and I explained and he said to check behind the bar. My phone had actually been handed in. It was only worth about £15 so that figured. I decided I had had enough and wanted to go home. I began walking to the train station which was only a 2 minute walk away and then some women pulled over to ask me why I was walking alone at night. I told then what had happened and they decided to take me to the police station to report the camera and money stolen.

The police station was unmanned and as this wasn’t exactly crime of the century it was quite some time before a police officer arrived. I told him what had happened and he did a statement. Cringe moment was when he asked me what I had had to drink. It was easier to tell him where I had been and let him join up the dots.

By the time all this was over I had missed the last train and I knew that I couldn’t get hold of the friend who I was originally staying with because I remembered her mobile losing its battery. I decided to call my brother as he rarely drinks for a lift home. This was one of those rare occasions when he had had a drink. He offered his bed to me so I asked the police officer for a lift to my Mum’s house.

I knocked my Mum’s door and there was no answer. Great. My Mum lives with my Grampy and he has one of those key safe things by the door and I used to know the code. I tried and tried but I couldn’t remember it. I decided I should just walk to a cash point and get some money out and then get a taxi home.

As I started walking a neighbour came around the corner, I asked him to call me a taxi and I was told it would be at least an hour. By this point it was like 2-3 in the morning and I only had shorts and t-shirt on. I sat down on the curb and cursed the whole of Cwmbran and everyone in it.

Less than 10 minutes later a taxi arrived, his next fare was in Cardiff so it was actually great timing. I moaned all the way home about what a terrible night it was. He took pity on my and decided to only charge £20 rather than the £30-£40 it should have been.

All week I sulked about how much money I had wasted and how I was going to have to spend the rest of the month at home and how my brand new camera had been taken by some scumbag.

Then yesterday I had a message from my friend Kate, she had been back to Delilah’s Friday night and asked if my camera had turned up and a camera had. I was to message them a description and if it was mine I could have it back. I was convinced it wasn’t mine but messaged anyway and I got a message back right away to confirm it was mine. My brother has picked it up for me and my Mum is bringing it to my house one day this week. Well considering I would probably have spent the money that was taken anyway, that just leaves my weekly bus ticket missing. Well never mind, it could only be used in Cardiff and I don’t expect they could have used it.

This weekend I have spent alcohol free and I have a sparkly clean house to prove it and learn’t a very valuable life lesson…bum bags are cool!


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