I need a fan!

So, I moaned about the bad weather and on day 5 of the good weather I’m ready to start moaning again. I work in Cardiff Bay and the my first moan is the day trippers. The minute the sun comes out everyone flocks to the bay. Like flies to shit they are. Then the inconsiderate buggers clog up the buses so much there isn’t enough room for me to get on. I had to walk in the sweltering heat all the way in to town in my work clothes. It’s alright for them with their caps and shorts on. On such days the bus travel priority should go to those who have been working.


Now, onto my second moan. This is part weather / part Olympics. So Cardiff is hosting the football or something. So they have decided to close the city centre roads. This means that I need to get one bus into town, walk through the city centre (in the sweltering heat) and catch another bus at the other side of town. I noticed on the news this morning that they hadn’t sold all the tickets, I’ve just flicked on the TV and can see they haven’t sold all the tickets. It’s practically empty! But never mind, it only adds an extra ten minutes or so to my commute. I can live with that.

The road I live on is a main road with three lanes. There is a lane priority system which means in rush hour the busiest direction gets the two lane priority, and the quieter direction get’s one. Well this works perfectly fine. It’s a perfectly good system. What I can’t understand is why today they switched it around for the OLYMPICS?! Everyone going north has been diverted up my road and then they have the cheek to switch the priority. The people leaving the city are stuck in a great, big crawling queue. The special OLYMPIC people who should already be in the stadium by now, I can see them on the TV have two lanes. There is about one car cruising away with a choice of two lanes about every ten minutes just because they are heading in the direction of the city centre.  Everyone else is stuck in the sweltering heat. NOT FAIR!

Anyway, I took some more photo’s today. The first one is the view from my office, I work opposite an old coal exchange building. I think it’s pretty spectacular and it’s pretty difficult to get the full scale of the building. They also used to film TV programmes here like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Upstairs / Downstairs and once they transformed it into a hospital for something. I love it when there is something going on, it’s always exciting to think you might spot a star. Unfortunately I don’t really watch the stars who are in the shows filmed there so I’m not sure what they look like…still exciting though! Once me and my friend were at the corner shop and the shop keeper showed us a driving license and asked us if the man in the photo worked with us. He sort of looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. We got around the corner when my friend went ‘Oh my God – that was Doctor Who’. I followed her back to the shop confused. She was quite right too, we checked the date of birth of the actor who plays him on her IPhone against his driving license and it was in fact Doctor Who’s driving license.


Here’s another building which I just like the look of, it’s called the Pier Head. It’s the original Welsh Assembly building. I’ve only ever been in there once and it’s just as amazing inside. If I ever get a chance to go in there again I will have to take some pictures.

And here’s a picture of the bay this lunch time, I’ve just about managed to keep the hoardes of people around from getting in it…



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