Any Sympathy?

Currently enduring the world’s WORST hangover! We met up before the wedding reception at Wetherspoons. I started on the wine, then the pimm’s, then the lager, then the WKD’s. I made all the classic mistakes of not eating, mixed my drinks and didn’t have any water. Jon fell asleep at the wedding reception so I put him in a taxi and decided to carry on partying. We went to a club in town, I can’t even remember which one. Jon rang me at one point to see where I was. I thought it was about 2am, when I checked my phone this morning it was actually 6:30am when he called me.

I have been asleep on and off all day and my head feels like it’s been shot. I haven’t eaten yet as I have terrible heartburn and I feel like I could be sick at any moment. Jon’s gone to get us a curry, I don’t think it’s going to help but I am so hungry right now.

The fake tan wasn’t a total disaster, the only mistake I made was using exfoliating gloves to apply it. The fake tan seeped through the gloves and as Jon put it “you look like you’ve wiped your arse with your hands!” It’s a wash off one so I managed to get most of it off.


The wedding reception was lovely, I can only think that I got carried away with the lovely atmosphere. They had a band which was awesome too.

I took my new camera out but forgot to take many photo’s, here’s one blurry example of what was taken…



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