Wish Me Luck!

So the job news has settled in, I just need them to confirm in writing they are happy with my references and I will be all ready to resign. I expect to start the new job late August / early September. Exciting!

Last night I got frightened to death. I was out walking the dog and I really fancied a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds. I got there and there were two boys eating outside with another dog tied up. I tied Daisy up as far as I could from the other dog because I knew she would only wind the other one up. I ran in and ordered and while I was waiting I went to the window to double check on her. She was gone. I went running outside and she was nowhere to be seen. I burst out crying and tried to think of what to do. I knew that McDonald’s probably had CCTV and if someone had stolen her I could ask them to try and get the registration number. I was just about to run back inside and call the police when she came skipping around the corner. She had bitten through her lead and was running around eating bits of chips and other dropped food on the floor. I was shaking so badly but I was so relieved she was safe. I am never leaving her outside a shop again! We then had an awkward walk home with her on about 30cm of what was left of her lead.

Today I am feeling ambitious. I bought some fake tan. I know I’m not very good at this sort of thing and will more than likely end up looking like a tangerine TOWIE reject. But I still really want to do it. We are going to a Wedding Reception tonight and I’ve tried on my dress and my legs look like chalk sticks. I’ve bought mouse which promises a healthy golden tan. I need to get started now because it says for best results don’t sweat or anything for 4-6 hours.

I also want to have a bash at putting my hair in curlers, I haven’t been out properly in ages so I think I may as well go all out…

Wish me Luck!



3 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck!

    • She’s always hungry! lol I was really relieved that I hadn’t lost her, I’ve got her another lead now and I might get her one of them chain one’s if I see one out. A bit OTT for a Jack Russell but it’s the fourth lead she’s chewed through!

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