Personal Statement


When I was looking for my birth certificate the other day I found some bits and pieces that haven’t seen the light of day since 2004. This was the final year of comprehensive, the year we did our GCSE exams. I had done my work experience in Topshop before writing personal statements about what I wanted to do in the future…

The courses I am studying for GCSE are Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, ICT, Music and Welsh. I enjoy lessons that have taught me useful skills such as History and Geography. I have learned about the world we live in and the history of it.

I enjoy socialising with my friends and taking part in sporting activities in the summer. The skills I have been taught are word processing, how to access and use a database and a spreadsheet, desktop publishing and the internet. I have practical skills from science and I am able to evaluate sources and evidence in History. I have completed coursework in all my subjects. I can care for young children and am able to talk and listen to other people.

I see myself as a helpful, cheerful person. I learned a lot about working with members of the public in work experience and everyday life. I am self motivated and like to keep myself active. I have the ability to follow instructions and use my initiative. I can help other people and enjoy it.

I have lots of responsibilities in my family as I am the eldest child. I enjoy looking after younger members of my family and keeping them entertained. I live with my Grandfather who is disabled so I do as much as I can to help him. My Mum is a very busy person so I help to earn my pocket money.

I have certificates for swimming, kickboxing, cycle proficiency, merits, 100% attendance, winning ready steady cook in youth club and a certificate from county hall for writing a poem.

I have been on many school trips. I have been to Normandy to see the Bayeux tapestry, a choir tour to Holland, an activity centre in Wales and I visited Alton Towers for collecting a high number of merits.

This year I would like to complete all of my GCSE course with good grades. I would like a part-time job and to start new courses in Sociology and Health and Social care as I would like to be either a nurse or a social worker.

Despite my obvious passion and ambition I decided against doing anything in the Health and Social care field as I have a ridiculously weak stomach. I ended up doing an apprenticeship with the council instead, this was in an office doing Payroll.


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