Can someone help me?


I cannot get this cheesy grin off my face! Got a call from the National Assembly this afternoon, following my interview yesterday. Unless I heard them wrong…I’ve got a new job!!! I can’t believe it, I’m so super chuffed right now.

When I moved to Cardiff I made a plan, the plan was to get a job at the Welsh Assembly. Well, I’ve bloody done it! I’m going to hand in my CRB check forms tomorrow, they were sending out for my references today and as soon as I get my contract I am going to hand my notice in.

It’s a permanent role doing something I’m fairly confident at. I am genuinely over the moon right now. I’ve been worried about losing my job since around January. I’ve applied for about 80 jobs. I’ve had 6 interviews in that time. I’ve had one notice of redundancy letter. Then I get an offer for one of the best jobs, if not the best job I’ve applied for.

Such a shame it’s a work night, I could really do with a drink right now but will have to settle for an ice cream 😀


9 thoughts on “Can someone help me?

    • Yippy! Can’t believe I’m going back to payroll really but it’s such a good employer. It’s the job I applied for when I very first moved to Cardiff, it was unfinished business!! xxx

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