Will You Marry Me?


I’m not afraid to admit it…I want to get married. Jon and I have been together for over 7 years now. We met in Newport when I was on a night out with my friends. We were sat down having a chat when this guy comes over, sits down and says to me “what’s a classy girl like you, doing in a place like this?” I laughed and laughed before giving him my number. When I got back home he was already calling me.


The first time we were meant to meet up there was torrential rain, I cried off with a sore throat. The second time we were meant to go out he told me to ring him on the Saturday. I spent all day getting ready and for the sake of one of us playing it cool I didn’t ring him until about 7pm. He was already in the pub. He had been waiting for me to call all day and thought I was letting him down again. I got the hump and went out with my friends instead.


About a month after we had first met we arranged to go out again, this time we arranged a time and place to meet in advance. Then it snowed. By this point I couldn’t even really remember what he looked like so I got my Mum to drive me in the snow to meet him. We went out for a drink and then he asked me if I wanted to go back to his house and  watch a film with him. I asked him what film did he want to watch? He suggested ‘The Naked Gun’. I had never heard of this film and wrongly assumed it was porn! Scared, I called a taxi and went home.


After my mistake had been corrected I agreed to go out with him again, this time we went to watch the rugby, it was Wales v Italy. I had never really been to Cardiff before and still remember all the little details of that day, it was fantastic.

Fast forward about two years and we had moved in together, people starting doing the whole “so when are you two getting married?” I was around 19-20 and had no interest in getting married at all. I also didn’t want to be engaged for a long time, I have no patience at all. If we get engaged I want to be married within the year or even the six months, depending on the time of year he asks. Over the years the frequency of this question has increased dramatically and now it’s usually the first thing out of their mouths when we see some people. All of a sudden I feel like joining in…When are we getting married?!


What really put the thought into my mind was going to my cousin, Rebecca’s wedding. Literally Jon was being bombarded left, right and centre and I couldn’t help thinking to myself ‘GOOD’. Maybe he will get the message. Rebecca is a year younger than me and she only met her husband about a year ago and now they are married. We know couples who have started a relationship and got divorced in the time we’ve been together. It’s not that I’m jealous or anything…It’s just it’s MY TURN NOW!!

Jon always said that he wanted a baby before he was thirty. I always knew I wouldn’t want to have children too young so I always said, “no kids before marriage!” Not that I’m religious, it was purely something that we could do that would delay the babies. Jon is now thirty and he’s not even proposed!


While we’ve been together there have been two leap years, both times he has absolutely convinced himself that I was going to pop the question. You would have thought that he would know me by now. There is no way on God’s earth am I letting him wriggle out of this one. This is probably the only time where he has to use a little bit of initiative and there is no way am I doing it for him.

About two weeks ago his best friend got engaged, he was on the phone to his Mum when he got the text. Now she is piling the pressure on too. In the past she has asked me why we weren’t engaged so I told her that he reckons he can’t do it until he’s paid his credit card off. “Well if that’s all it is, then I can pay off his credit card” she offered. Little does she know it would probably be cheaper to pay for the whole wedding! He’s got it into his head from somewhere that this ring needs to be worth hundreds, if not thousands.


While she was on the phone she asked him directly why he hadn’t already proposed. When he mentioned he couldn’t afford the ring she suggested he get one off ebay. When he got off the phone he laughed at her suggestion. I told him she was quite right. “But I wanted to get one from an independent jewellers, I want it to be special and take my time looking for the right one”. Mr Dolly Day-Dream strikes again. I had a little look on ebay myself and found quite a few that I liked which were also very reasonably priced. I’d be terrified to wear a ring that cost too much; I’m the world’s worst for losing things.

I love Opals, Diamonds and Sapphires and yes, I’ve told him that as well. I’ve scattered some of the ones that caught my eye throughout this post.


Then there’s the where and when. I said in passing once that I’d like a proposal to be a surprise on a day when I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t want it to be on my birthday or Christmas. My cunning plan behind this is I will make a note of the random day and make it into another day in the year where he has to be nice to me! I know he has taken note of this comment and now uses it as an excuse to worry about getting the day right.


As a gesture I gave him a great big hint about where I’d like him to do it. About a month or two ago I took the dog to Roath Park Lake, it was such a beautiful place. A week or two later I took him there with the dog and as we walked around the lake I brought up the subject of marriage. You could literally see the cogs whirling in his mind. Then he said out loud, “this would be a good place to propose, wouldn’t it?” I agreed with him and then he said “but I can’t do it here now, because if I brought you here you would know what was happening”. Oh My God. Well you can’t blame me for trying.



4 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me?

  1. I dated my husband for 3 years and 2 months before we got engaged. I say “got engaged” rather than “he proposed” because he didn’t. It was more along the lines of “I’m knocked up and your mom is yelling about us getting married and legitimizing this creature, do you wanna do this or what?” Romantic, huh? More power to you for making him do the deed- I’d send you some of my own patience if I had any to spare.

    FWIW, if your relationship is working now then just enjoy it. I’m sure you guys have had your good times and your bad times, and that doesn’t change with a ring. (I do love that opal and emerald one.) But when he proposes, it better be fantastic!

    • Haha, your right – it’s not the end of the world. We were at a wedding reception last night where the couple had been together around 15 years, they just did it when the time was right. I don’t know if I have 15 years worth of patience though!

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