Walk with me?

One of the best things about having a Daisy Dog in the house is the added motivation to go out walking. I hate my house, it’s rented, it costs a lot and it’s got damp but I love the location. I can walk for miles everyday without ever being too far from home, I can go on a different every day of the week and 99% of the other dogs and people are super nice.


Less than 5 minutes from the house is the River Taff, we’ve walked up the river as far as Castell Coch – that was a big walk. We had tried to do it on bikes a couple of times but never made it, we did it with the dog and made it all the way there. We couldn’t face the walk back so caught the bus. It was about 3 hours walking there and about 25 mins back on the bus! I’ve always thought this castle was beautiful. My Mum and Dad told me it was the castle where Beauty and Beast lived. They took me there once when I was little. What they weren’t banking on was on arrival I decided I didn’t actually want to go in. I mean, what if the Beast is in?! I didn’t want to meet him and I definitely didn’t want to annoy him by trespassing on his property. They then went on to tell me that they were on holiday in Tenerife so it was OK for us to visit. I wasn’t convinced and spent the whole tour of the castle terrified!


Back in Cardiff another place I love is the Gabalfa Lodge. This is just where we enter the park and it’s right on the river bank. I’d love to live here. Unfortunately it’s right on the path so I would also want to ban all people from that part of the river. It’s probably better that I don’t live here!


Here’s the River Taff, I’m so pleased that Daisy can swim. She has so much fun padding around and in the main the current isn’t too strong. I’ve tried to get a picture of her swimming but this is the closest I can get…


When we have a bit more time on the weekend we walk down into Bute Park, I love it when the flowers are in bloom and the fragrance is amazing.


Bute park is at the back of Cardiff Castle. I’ve only been in the castle once to watch a Stereophonic’s concert (which was pretty awesome!). If you go down with your council tax bill and a passport photo you can get free entry, we have been meaning to do this for about three years now!


Here’s one entrance to the castle on the East side…


Another part of the park I love is the carvings in this tree. I think it’s so clever and would love to see more of the other fallen tree’s turned into pieces of art…


Right Daisy’s had enough of waiting and wants to go out! Time to get the trainers out…


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