Feeling a little tender today…

I did go out last night after all, I mentioned going for some food up Wetherspoons to Jon but he didn’t fancy the trek so we went to the pub around the corner instead. We haven’t really been to the pub at all since we got Daisy dog. But he’d been working at home yesterday so we thought it would be alright to go out for a drink or two. We got there about 8pm and a band was promised at 9pm. After all the anticipation of watching the band set up we had to stay to listen to a song. The band was great and four pints later I staggered over to the Chinese and then to sleep.

I woke up to the inevitable hangover and instead of lounging on the settee I decided to stick my trainers on straight away and get out for a walk. I live right next to the River Taff in Cardiff so we walked down the river into town. In the distance I could hear Kelly Clarkson, Stronger. While I was wilting in the heat with a banging headache there were other, more energetic people running a 10k Cancer Research race. With great restraint I once again managed to conquer the urge to sneak into the race at the last minute and cross the finish line.

As we were walking there we met a lady walking a lovely Bull Mastiff. She told me that she had found the dog tied up in the park last night and was waiting for the dog warden to come and collect him. I felt so bad for him, his back legs didn’t look too good so he was probably abandoned in order to avoid the vet bill or something. Growing up we had two Bull Mastiffs, Gooch and Gizzy. Knowing how loving they are and what presence they have in a home I can’t imagine how anyone could leave them tied up alone at night.

Next I stopped off at the Summer House café in Bute Park for a cup of tea and a sausage and bacon baguette. They are usually a bit funny about serving breakfasts after 11am but today I got lucky, it’s a lovely café when it’s dry and they are pretty dog friendly too. They drive me nuts with the breakfast menu though as I’m so often not out early enough. It’s up to them when they stop serving breakfast but I don’t see how it makes good business sense to turn down £4.90.


When we got into town the funniest thing happened, we were walking in front of Cardiff Castle and up on the wall are different animal statues. Daisy looked up at one of them and jumped out of her skin! Well I laughed so much, I must have looked like the nutty one.


I’ve been holding onto a cheque since my birthday in May so as I was in town before the bank shut I thought I would pay it in. I’ve only left the dog outside a shop once and she was pretty good so I thought I would do it again as I would only be a minute or two. I tied her up to the lamppost outside the bank and ran in. The woman behind the counter was being a bit fussy as the top of the cheque was a bit grubby from being in the purse so long. She went around all her colleagues asking them if they would accept it. When she had finally decided she would accept the grubby cheque she tried to go into her sales patter…”is this your main account?” I gave her ‘the look’ while saying “yes” and she handed my card back and I left the bank quickly. For a moment I panicked, I couldn’t see Daisy. Then I caught sight of a wagging tail amongst a gathering little fan club.

I did think about catching the bus back home but town was so busy I assumed the buses would be too. Daisy gets a little bit over excited on a crowded bus so we headed back into the park to walk home. It did just the trick and she’s currently curled up on my lap snoozing…I might even join her!



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