Decisions, Decisions

Well I certainly have a talent for filling in application forms, just had an email from the National Assembly asking me to interview. It’s the same job I applied for when we first moved to Cardiff, a payroll one. My colleagues in work think I should set up a business filling in applications for people!

It’s next Monday. Now I’m backtracking from the idea of going to the other interview I have on Friday, I’ll admit I’m afraid of negotiating my pay. I’m also confused about the private sector, having always worked for the public sector / charities it’s pretty mysterious to me. I haven’t got the energy or the annual leave to go to both and really I know which interview I’ll put the energy into.

I really want to get myself a permanent role where I can get stuck into something new. I’ve said before I do enjoy my current role. I work on a grant scheme which is aimed at community groups in the most deprived communities in Wales but the constant threat of the end of contracts puts a huge drain on your energies. It’s a great scheme and achieves a lot but with the lack of security it’s hard to keep going.

I’m not the only one in this position, the whole program I work within is having something of a make over, the theme is anti-poverty. I can’t help but think that without new jobs and business opportunities this will always be an issue in Wales. There are so many communities which have suffered as a result of the decline in the coal industry and have never quite recovered. Most of the anti-social, educational and health problems stem from the lack of work opportunities. The programme currently aims to tackle some of these issues and I hope in the future it will actually go some way to tackling the causes of poverty.

Last night I watched a TV program about the London riots and the show followed some of the victims and perpetrators for the year following. No one can really explain exactly why things got so out of hand. Most put it down to poverty, lack of respect and the huge number of people feeling let down and excluded from society. The sentences related to these crimes were harsh by anyone’s standards. I have no sympathy for the one’s who were violent and destructive. However, I do feel for some of the people who got swept up in the chaos. There have been stories about some people getting custodial sentences for stealing food and very low value items. Some of these people had promising careers and education prospects. I’m inclined to think that putting people with prospects in prison is a huge step backwards. After they have been used as the example to society they now will struggle to gain employment, they will have to be supported by the government and housed somewhere. I don’t think its fair to go easier on the ones who had prospects. A crime is a crime. But I don’t know whether the course taken is the most productive long term. I’m just glad it wasn’t me making the decisions!


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