The Look


I just successfully gave someone ‘The Look’ on the bus. The look that says – turn your music down now, or I may have to kill you! The victim actually turned it down / off…well it was Justin Beiber. I only wish I had realised I possessed this super-power earlier on. Over the past week I have been subjected to someone listening to Example first thing on a Monday morning, Eminem so loud I could hear every word and the usual heavy metal noise. I don’t mind usually but when I’m trying to read I find it really hard to concentrate. Music is no more distracting than a screaming child or a loud conversation but I think I get more annoyed because I feel like they are doing it on purpose. The man listening to Eminem was actually reading a newspaper, I do not possess that particular talent. I can either read or listen to music, I cannot do both at the same time.

I spoke to Jon’s Mum yesterday evening about the trip to Ireland and no promises but we might be doing a trip to Cork this year. If we go I really want to kiss the Blarney Stone, I’ve been looking at the visit Ireland website and the city looks fabulous. Fingers crossed we do go.


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