Trips to Ireland

Right, the sun is out! Time to get out and about and burn off some of Daisy’s energy. But first I have washing to do L I wish I’d done it yesterday! I did get the first load in at 9am so hopefully we can get out about lunchtime. There’s only two loads, Jon is playing along with the whole getting some stuff done while he’s working at home.

We’ve sorted our dates for going to Ireland to visit Jon’s Mum. We’re not going till the end of September but I’m excited already. I love going there and I want to make the most of it, at some point Mary is moving back to Wales so there probably aren’t many visits left. She’s ready and poised to go as soon as she has a grandchild. We are hoping Jon’s sister makes the first move!

Here are some pics from our previous trips…


Here’s Jon in Dublin on our first trip over, we are in Temple Bar which is the nightlife part of the city. Although there’s plenty of life in the day too. We always go to this pub because there is always a great atmosphere and someone willing to provide entertainment and music live.


This is the town where Mary lives, it’s about an hour away from Dublin. It’s changed a lot since we first visited, it has a Tesco’s and some other big stores. I sort of wish it didn’t though, it was quite traditional before and I’m afraid the main highstreet is suffering.


Here’s the Guiness factory in Dublin, I tried my best to like Guiness and could almost stomach one of the samples but it’s much more Jon’s thing.


Here’s Kilmainham Gaol, I think it’s been used as a film set a few times. The guided tour tells you about it’s tragic history and about the time when Ireland was struggling for independence. We kept fairly quiet being British but was very pleased to hear of two Welsh heroes who helped some prisoners escape!


Here’s Dublin Zoo, the only Zoo I’ve ever been to which also houses Labrador dogs! I love the Gorillas and Monkeys and could sit there all day watching them.


Here’s Jon and our old friend Mick in our favourite pub in Edenderry – Pat Larkins. The first year this pub was unbelievable, it was a Sunday night and we went out for a quiet drink. In reality Sunday is the biggest night out, the town goes to Mass and then the to the pub. The party was in full swing by the time we got there and there were actually people up on the tables dancing to someone playing the fiddle. The following year this pub had been converted into a restaurant so the atmosphere had changed a bit but there’s still always a party going on in the bar!


This town doesn’t get many tourists so the locals remember us each time we go, one year we went with Jon’s sister and there were deals attempted to get her married off. Did she want to marry the man with x amount of cows, or did she want to marry the man with x amount of acres?


Jon also has a step brother who lives near Belfast in Northern Ireland, we went up a couple of years ago. The weather was shocking so we didn’t get to walk around much. But we did do a tour of the city in the car and I took these photo’s of the murals on people’s houses.


This is Galway, we had a fantastic couple of days here last year. This city has a totally different vibe to Belfast and Dublin and is really laid back. You can’t move for street artists and buskers and I’d really like to go there again at some point. Jon’s already decided he’d like his stag-do there, it’s the perfect party city.


Here’s the real reason we go though to catch up with Mary.


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