British Summer Time???


Gah, this rain is driving me mad! It has barely stopped for breath all week.  I finished the second Hunger Games book this morning so we took the dog out for a walk up Tesco’s to get the third and to take my new camera back which has decided it doesn’t want to play anymore after barely a month’s use. We came back with a chicken and some dog food. The book has sold out and we need to take a bank statement in to prove we bought the camera from Tesco. I never know what the rules are when you lose the receipt but I’m glad it can be sorted. As for the book I’ve just downloaded it, my first ever e-book.

I really want the sun to come out again, I love taking Daisy out for walks and she really doesn’t like rain. Here are some of my favourite walks with her….


This was taken at Jackson Bay which is just round the corner from Barry Island, this beach was bogging but she had a whale of a time.


This is her on the River Taff, our usual stomping ground. She’s quite young here, loving the dirt and it’s probably one of the first times she was let off the lead.


This is Daisy just after Christmas, I was taking Jon’s Mum back to the airport so we stopped off at Barry Island for a walk along the beach. The first time she felt the sand under her feet was hysterical, she really didn’t know what to make of it.


This is down the woods near out house, we don’t go down there so much anymore. One day Jon was walking her down there and they came across two men doing something…um unusual. This was made worse by Daisy jumping all over them.


The picture quality is terrible, but this was a walk where is absolutely bucketed down with rain while we were out. We went in the Butcher Arms for a pint and a warm.


By far Daisy’s favourite walk, we went on holiday to Cornwall in May with friends and their dog Podge. We went into Mevagissey and one of the locals pointed us in the direction of this small, secluded beach for them to have a god run. Beach, Podge and hours of running about – perfect!


5 thoughts on “British Summer Time???

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of your dog. He looks so cute! And I loved the back ground showing where you walked. I live about a hour north of Washington DC and never been in Great Britain so that was kind of interesting. I would have enjoyed more background even. I’m enjoying looking through your posts. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ve been wanting to do a post about where I live and work. I don’t live too far from Cardiff Castle and I work in a place called Mount Stuart Square which has some fantastic buildings like the coal exchange opposite. My camera is broken at the moment and I should be getting another on Tuesday. I’ll make sure I get it done next week 🙂

  2. Your dog is ADORABLE!! Thanks so much for following my blog – I’m glad we’ve connected. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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