My Dream Man

What with all the rain and boredom, I’ve decided to draw a list of all the men I fancy. Ha! I’ve come up with a shortlist of ten…

  1. Adam Levine – He’s the front man of Maroon 5. I also love Maroon 5 and have all their albums too, so I think he owes me!
2. Chris Evans – An American actor, I’ve never seen any film he’s been in but someone put his picture up on facebook and the drooling commenced. I also like the fact that if we married I get to keep my surname.
3. Jason Statham – British actor, even though he is a bit baldy I still think he’s pretty handsome!
4. Lee Byrne – Used to play rugby for Wales, used to play really well for Wales. I started following him on twitter which was a bit of a mistake because he’s actually a bit of a dick. I still think he’s pretty good looking though.

5 & 6. Two Welsh TV presenters, Matt Johnson and Steve Jones – Both easy on the eye and with a familiar accent, what more could you ask for? I also turned twitter stalker / follower on Matt Johnson, I’ve now got his dog Louie following me!


7 & 8. Two footballers, Stevie G and Michael Owen – I hate football with a passion but these two make me want to make special allowances and watch a match or two.


9. Rupert Penry-Jones – British actor, loved him since the first time I saw him in Spooks. Would pretty much watch anything if he was in it.


10. Jon Williamson – Love of my life, pain in my neck and my dream man!


I’ve just told him about the list and it did make him laugh, he’s now busily preparing his very own top-ten list – I’ll let you know if I make the cut!

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