Cheese, Cider and Chocolate…


The weekend is finally here, my work day passed quick enough too.

Today’s highlight

Seeing Simon Cowells very first TV appearance… Simon Cowells very first TV appearance – Sale of the Century I think this is really funny and can’t believe how much he looks like Hugh Grant.

Thought for the day

Would you have to pay your student loan off if you won the lottery? I don’t think we got to the bottom of this.

What I did

I spent all morning looking forward to getting my lunch from the Cardiff Food Festival only to find it has totally changed since last year. Last year they had all types of fast food style set-ups where you could buy take away meals from around the world. This year it was just stalls selling cheese, cider and chocolate. Now there’s nothing wrong with a lunch of cheese, cider and chocolate but it wasn’t what I expected.

What I need to think about

The job I was on about the other day, the one where they wouldn’t give an indication of the salary they were prepared to pay. Well they actually got back to me today, they’ve emailed me a minimum salary which is less than I’m on now. I think that when they say minimum they mean, there is also a maximum too? I don’t know whether my negotiation skills are cut out for driving it up by £2k per annum. As I said before, I’ve never had to do this before. They have invited me to another interview next Friday as I missed today’s, I need to think about this one. It could be a good opportunity and it would be permanent, I just have a funny feeling about it.


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