Films and Places

In work today myself and two colleagues had to pack up envelopes for an hour or so and to pass the time we talked about films we love and films we hate.


My two favourites are Gone With the Wind and True Romance, the film I hated the most was Hard Candy. Before I watched the film Gone with the Wind I read the book and thought it was fantastic. I even went as far as to read the sequel which is a bit rubbish if I’m honest. I love the fact the film is so long and a dull, boring, rainy / snowy day requires it. I usually end up watching is either when I’m ill or when it’s winter. I also actually like the fact that it doesn’t have a happy ending, that’s just the way life goes sometimes. The reason I adore True Romance is the mainly for the last bit, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t already seen it but the bit when the big drug deal happens at the end is amazing! I’ve also read the script and the original script has a different ending, I’m really glad it got changed for the film. I hated Hard Candy for the story line, the content and the fact I actually had some sympathy for the peadophile in it. I didn’t like the heroine at all! I wouldn’t recommend that film to anyone. My work mates agreed that a film called The Spirit is really bad so I’ll try and avoid that. The film they both loved was Lord of the Rings. I wish I could appreciate those films too but I don’t, they bore me stupid. It’s not that I haven’t watched them, my boyfriend is obsessed with them and if you put the third one on I can tell you what the next lines are. I’ve watched it so often.

We then we went onto places we want to see, one of my top ones is New York. ImageThere are a few places in America I’d like to visit and will hopefully, one day get the chance to do it. The main places I’d like to go are New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas. I couldn’t believe my one work mate had actually been to New York on a school history trip! I got to go to Normandy which was good but now I feel a bit short changed. I’d also like to visit Africa, not entirely sure where. My new work colleague is from Kenya, so I should ask him more about that. I also want to go Australia but am a bit afraid I’d have a nervous breakdown with all the spiders etc around. My boyfriends sister lives in Australia so I’m sure we will go one day. I want to go to Iceland to try and see the Northern Lights and then possibly Russia just because you don’t see much of Russia on the TV or in films so I’d like to see what its like there. I’m going to have to start buying lottery tickets!

A friend has lent me the second hunger games book and I have to set myself a limit on how much I can read in a day. I really need to start making books last longer. Once I’ve finished the Hunger Games I’ve been told the Game of Thrones books are absolutely fantastic so I am definitely going to read those next. I love the TV series on Sky Atlantic so I’m sure they won’t disappoint!


2 thoughts on “Films and Places

  1. We should do a book challenge! On my bucket list for the summer I wanted to read 3 books (at least!) and Im already past that now!!!! We should do a book list of books we want to read and a timefram in which to read them! ❤ xxx

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