Daisy Dog

Based on my tag line I think it’s about time I introduced my sweet Daisy Dog!


Back in September a friend’s dog had pup’s and I went to see them in October when they were a few weeks old. My friend tried to persuade me into having one and I turned her down. They were very cute but I didn’t know if I would have the time to look after a puppy.

Two weeks later I went back to see how they were getting on…big mistake! There were only two puppies left and the one was a tiny white thing with a little patch. She came straight over to me and sat on my lap. “Look how she’s taken to you!” my friend said. In all honesty it was me who was taken with her.

The next morning I was talking to my boyfriend Jon in bed, I had been saying for years how much I wanted a dog and he had felt the same but we both worked full time so we didn’t do anything about it. Now he was working from home a few days a week it was the perfect timing. To my surprise he said he would go and have a look at this puppy. I called my friend to check if no one else had bought her and we went straight to the pet shop to buy her a bed and some toys.

When we got to the house Jon saw the puppy and he melted.


Even though we had a bought the bed etc he was still unsure as to whether we were doing the right thing. The moment he saw her he fell in love. She was the cutest little thing ever. We watched her play with her brother Bear and eventually we left the house along with our new addition to our family.

Jon sat in the back of the car with her and she began to whimper. Oh my God, what have I done? I thought to myself. We needed petrol so we stopped at a garage on the way home and when I got out of the car she began to cry. By the time we got back to the house she was curled up in a ball sleeping cwtched into Jon.

We got her into the house and quickly started puppy proofing the place. She was happy playing with her toys for ten minutes and then she would collapse into sleep. I went out to get her food and a collar as quickly as I could, I just wanted to spend every minute with her. We were really lucky that the first time she went out in the garden she peed straight away so we praised her and kept up the routine every hour.

Eventually it came to night time and we both agreed that she would have to sleep in the kitchen. It absolutely broke my heart to leave her all alone for the first time and she whimpered and cried before settling back to sleep. That first night we agreed to see to her every two hours so we took it in turns so that we got four hours sleep in between seeing to her.

The next day was not one of the days Jon was due to work at home so that morning was very tough. I put her in the kitchen and she began to tremble and cry. I couldn’t do this. I called Jon and told him we would have to take her back there was no way I could leave this poor pup alone on her own. She’ll be fine he reassured me. I work on flexi time so I went in for 10am and I just couldn’t focus on my work. I told my colleagues about the puppy and asked if I could take some work home with me for the day to which they agreed.

I texted them this picture saying thank-you when I got back:


She had company all of that week and also the Monday and Tuesday of the following week then it was time to leave her alone again. I went in for 10am again and popped home at lunch time to see her. I had been picturing her crying all morning but when I peeked through the kitchen door glass I could see her playing with one of her toys. Pretty soon she was 13 weeks and it was time for her first walk, I was so excited to take her out. We started off with a little walk to the bus stop with Jon to see him off to work. I had never seen her look so nervous, she looked so small and vulnerable and I felt overwhelmingly protective of her.  Everywhere we went people stopped us to talk and pet her. She absolutely loved the attention and started off her habit of rolling onto her back for a belly tickle every time someone gave her eye contact! I will tell you more at another time…


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