Great things about owning a dog

Last November I got myself a dog, she’s called Daisy and is a bit of a mongrel. She’s beautiful, loving and loyal. All the things a dog should be. But there are some additional extra’s thrown in too…

  1. You are no longer the greediest person in the house.

Have you ever got yourself a biccie from the cupboard as a little snack and before you know it you’ve eaten the daily calorie intake of a small village? When you have a dog you can no longer subconsciously eat because your dog will be watching you with every morsel that goes in your mouth and secondly they could and would eat ten times the amount you want to eat no sweat.

  1. Random people make conversation with you

Sometimes I think to myself, considering I live in a great big city full of people the truth is I barely speak to anyone. I mean I do speak to friends, family and work colleagues but having hailed from the valleys I sort of almost miss the “who are you?” and “who’s your mother?” every time you walk into a different street / shop / doctors surgery. When you get a puppy you can barely take 10 steps without someone stopping to congratulate you on your new addition. To be honest this was a bit annoying. However, instead of being known as the lady who parks her car outside their house you’re now known as the lady with the lovely dog.  My dog is best described as a Jack Russell type. There was a film recently called the Artist I believe. I haven’t actually watched it myself but I have been stopped a few times by random strangers who want their picture taken with Uggie!

  1. You are forced to leave the house every single day

I work full-time so in the week I do actually leave the house as a matter of course. I go out onto the main road, squeeze myself onto a crowded bus and scuttle into my office as quiet as a mouse. BD – before dog, I would sometimes haul myself onto the sofa on the weekend and I might not actually move for hours on end. I would watch the Hollyoaks omnibus, catch up on face book and then maybe get some washing done. Now I am actually really pleased every time the sun shines and not just because I can get some washing dry but because I actually want to spend the whole day gallivanting around beaches and parks with my pup.

  1. Health benefits?!

They say a dog is good for your health, but I would care to disagree. When she swam too far into the river and nearly got herself swept away in the current it was the closest I’d ever come to having a heart attack. When she ate a whole tub of margarine and had extreme diarrhoea for the next 24 hours I felt deadly sick myself. When she was a tiny pup and cried at night I didn’t sleep a wink for weeks. However, she is now through the puppy stages for the most part and is settling down into the most wonderful companion I’ve ever had. Even if she does some crazy things sometimes.

The love is unconditional and they listen to everything you say. They don’t question you on your decisions and don’t argue back. They just look at you funny!

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